Mail Filtering

Secure your network from spam,
virus, phishing and malware attacks

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Improve employee productivity

With our email filtering system, lost time in dealing with spam is reduced to a minimum, allowing your users to fully concentrate on their business tasks.


Incoming Mail Filtering

Incoming Filtering: Yes

Spam quarantine: Yes

Incoming Log Search: Yes

Delivery Queue: Yes

Protection for 1 Domain

Protection of up to 1000 email addresses



Easily block spam or release and train the messages as ham.

Provides an overview of the messages received, blocked and temporarily rejected. Search on various strings and options, including sender, recipient, subject, message ID, sender host and sender’s IP.

View the email that cannot be temporarily delivered to the destination mail server.

Set the maximum bounces, enable/disable logging for invalid recipients, and set accessible/inaccessible logging days for your domain.

View the statistics (spam ratio of total messages), general accuracy, non-spam messages, unsure messages, spam messages blocked, viruses blocked, whitelisted, blacklisted) for a given timeframe (Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years).

Control the activation of the quarantine system.

Drag and drop or upload messages you wish to classify as non-spam (ham) for training.


Mail filtering is a proprietary self-learning smart technology to eliminate spam mail before it reaches your inbox.

Our incoming email filters have an industry leading rate of nearly 100% filtering accuracy with close to 0 false positives.

No. Nothing has to be changed on your end. We will make all necessary changes on our side.

If you are hosting your domain with another host, you will have to ask them to change your MX records on your behalf.

There is no limitation. Your mail is filtered before it reaches your inbox, regardless of the device being used.

Absolutely. You can add unlimited domains to your block list. You are also able to add domains to your whitelist, which will skip all incoming filtering.

Absolutely. You can add unlimited recipients to your block list. You are also able to add recipients to your whitelist, which will skip all incoming filtering.

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